Social Resoponsibility


Actions speak louder than words. Prime-Label’s number one priority is protecting you and your family and conserving the environment.  Each of our products has been developed with this in mind and we actively engage in the communities we serve.

Prime-Label makes charitable donations and participates in initiatives that contribute to conserving and improving the environment and help those people in need.  We have been supporting and donating to different organizations and charity foundations such as A Drop of Life, Save the Children, Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, Pei Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation and other community events.     


2019 - Prime-Label is the sponsor of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Jockey Club "Mapperthon Community Action" Project.  The selected sponsor events include:

  • Running X Rubbish Cleaning -  19 January 2019;
  • Elderly Home Cleaning - February 2019

2018 - Prime-Label has been donating and participating in volunteering works at Pei Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation since 2018.


2017 - More rainwater collection facility donated by Prime-Label had been constructed.

Prime-Label has been supporting and donating to Apple Daily Charitable Foundation since 2016.   

2014 - Prime-Label’s donation to ‘A Drop of Life’ (Donor ID: 50369) provided 10 families in poor area of China with better access to clean water following the construction of a rainwater collection facility next to their house.  Previously the family had to walk for over two hours to the nearest source of clean water.