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Commercial Daily Cleaning


A Quality Control

Cleaning your premises and facility is about earning your trust through our actions, keeping your business by delivering results and providing an environment for each of us to be successful ultimately.

Prime-Label is serving many offices, schools, hotels and property management companies. We are proud to train and monitor 200 more direct-employed cleaners and janitors, without a single sub-contracting. With the use of the following programs and systems, Prime-Label has earned our trusted and reputation by consistent results.

  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Staff Incentive Program
  • Mandatory Staff Training Program
  • Break & Attack Cleaning System
  • Colour Coding System

Are you tired of a dirty office or suffering from a no improvement service?

Some companies have become our business partners for nearly a decade. Do you know why?

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Professional Daily Janitorial Services

  • Office daily cleaning
  • Tea lady servicing
  • Janitorial out-door servicing
  • School daily cleaning
  • Hotel overnight stone maintenance
  • Warehouse daily cleaning
  • Showroom daily cleaning
  • Shopping arcade daily cleaning

Our sales team can tailor made a professional cleaning and janitorial services proposal to you in commercial premises. We are expert to prove the following to you.

  • Digging deep down to a cleaning problem and foster solutions to your needs
  • What a green cleaning is
  • How we can keep costs down

Is Prime-Label your cup of tea?


Green Cleaning Chemicals

Prime-Label has committed itself to cause less impact to the ecology, especially in the use of cleaning detergents. Instead of claiming green on paper, we execute our green cleaning services with best and optimal green practices and usage from 2009.

Prime-Label may probably be the only cleaning company in Hong Kong that prohibit the use of chlorine bleach from the first day of business.

We care about the ecology, but we also care about occupational health and safety which is the prime concern to our staff.

More than 80% of our detergents are environmentally friendly, natural or even organic. We seldom use chemicals made in China. Instead, our detergents mainly manufactured in USA, Canada and Japan. Many of them are green certified from the following organization.

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Here are some key points in our internal green chemical guidelines:

  • Renewable resources chemicals
  • Chlorine bleach prohibition
  • Restriction of the use of harsh chemicals
  • Reduction of carbon footprint in chemical manufacturing & delivery
  • Reduction of the use of plastics containers
  • Recycling of plastics containers

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